Earn your showers


I’ve been working on a post for a while about what I’ve done right to become healthier. I’m not a fitness freak, or a gym god; I’m just a guy trying to have a healthy body. Getting healthy is something I’ve tried to do for a while, and failed to keep up with.

The toughest thing in my journey so far has been finding the motivation to get to the gym, go for that run or wake up at 6AM to get to my personal training session. The motivation is important because it helps create an environment for the next most important thing you need to be healthy; consistency.

It doesn’t matter how long your run is on Monday, or how hard you pushed yourself on Tuesday at the gym. If you’re not doing anything for the rest of the week, and repeating that cycle, you’re not going to see any improvements in your health and within time I believe you’ll be less motivated. That’s at least be in the case for me in any of my previous endeavours to become healthy.

So, I found something I do every day and found a way of making sure I did something to aid me in my quest for consistency.

I shower every single day, without fail, most days twice. That’s a habit I’ll never stop ( music festivals not included :) ). Before I shower I try do at least 100 push ups. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If I’m feeling energetic I’ll do a 100 jumping squats, too. But I make sure I always do something.

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